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About Me

They said I couldn't do it all, but I'm still going to try

My heart has always been with theatre, whether in theatre camps as a kid, or joining stage crew as a teenager just to stay close to the action. However, I knew it was the forever kind of love when I listened to Phantom of the Opera for the very first time and felt a world of possibilities open (if you're making a face right now just remember...we all have to start somewhere). I devoured every show and cast recording I could, enrolled in dance and voice lessons, and was determined that I would be one of the ones to "make it". 

Now, as an adult, I am extremely privileged to be making my way in the performing industry. I'm sure my younger self could not have planned for many of the twists and turns that have come my way, but the stars have never faded from my eyes. I have happily made many of my young dreams come true: graduated with my Acting degree (Go Stars), performed in New York, and can decisively claim "actor" as a job title. 

While I continue to grow as an artist, I have the desire for others to be able to grow along with me. I have always been a dreamer, and now the dream will only grow sweeter by encouraging young artists in my community to find their dreams as well.

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